DS#129 - The X-Files Companion



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Here's a real treat for those who follow the TV series or who are interested in the unusual or the paranormal. This great two disk set contains everything you might want to know about The X-Files and a great deal more you never even thought about! Disk one has a full run-down on the series, including full episode guides from the first two series, selections of the best and worst episodes. 'Did You Know' analysis of some of the things to look out for when watching, biographical details on David Duchovney, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter and more. You can find out about X-Files fanclubs and fanzines, merchandise, trading cards and even Internet sites. Flip the disk and you will find various articles and opinions about the series as well as a full explanation of each part of the title sequence. The second disk explores some of the ideas from the series in the 'real' world with a series of 'fact files' about such things as the Yeti, UFO's and spontaneous human combustion together with more speculative articles on such things as what an alien might look like. Side B contains four long articles about an alleged UFO crash at Roswell in 1947 and a recently released videotape which claims to show an autopsy on one of the aliens that was found. There is more information about two other alleged UFO crashes plus some other goodies, including how to experience aliens on your Atari! Altogether a superbly crafted set of disks with great opening titles and an excellent, easy to use, menu on each side. Get it today. The Truth is Here!

Boot WITH Basic. Double Sided