#11 - Catalog


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A superb cataloguing utility to keep track of all of your disk based programs. Auto cataloguing facility enabling you to just insert a disk and have the directory read and catalogued. Each disk is given a 1 sector identifier so that you cannot catalogue the same programs twice. If you add programs to a disk just auto catalog again and the program will sort out which are the new programs and which have already been noted! Commercial disks can be included by using the manual facility (Note: Auto catalog should not be used on a commercial disk). Five fields: Disk, Filename, Description, Source and Date (headings can be changed). Machine language sort on any field. Optional print out Well over 500 programs per database. A really superb program. Database included of all of the PAGE 6 LIBRARY programs up to disk #10 for you to practice with.

Autoboot with BASIC. Full instructions are given under HELP option on menu.