#149 - Creepy Caverns


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A game with a difference - it speaks to you! Yes, that's right this game uses digitised speech on several occasions to add atmosphere to this exploration of underground caverns where you look for gold and jewels whilst fighting off some very nasty and unfriendly creatures. The Megawump has rounded up a gang of bloodthirsty monsters who raid villages at night and store their spoils in musty caverns deep underground. You must collect these treasures and recover sufficient magical objects to be able to destroy the evil Megawump. You will discover gold and jewels and fight off pythons, trolls and hydras in your quest. A nice game that shows how you can include digitised speech in Basic programs. Also on this disk are four other interesting games. HERO finds you in charge of a rescue helicopter taking people off the top of a burning building. You must monitor your fuel as the time counts down and the flames get higher. SKYSCRAPER is on a similar theme except this time the people are jumping off the building and you are in charge of the rescue blanket below. No organised rescue this one, just loads of panic stricken people jumping off the building. Can you catch them all? MINI BILLIARDS is just what it says, a nice game of billiards with some beautifully smooth scrolling balls that you will find quite a challenge. Finally there is VALIANT in which you explore the woods in search of keys and gold whilst avoiding the monsters. This one uses a small window on the main screen to excellent effect and is a very well designed game.