#148 - They're Coming!


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Lots of action with attack from every imaginable direction - FOURTEEN games all in machine code! Best of the bunch is DEATHZONE a clone of the classic Encounter - you won't believe how good it is! TROLL WAR is an amusing game in which dozens of trolls storm your camp and you must think fast and work quickly to ward them off. BLAST is a sort of space limbo game in which a mother ship releases loads of droids which bounce about beneath a force shield which gets lower and lower as the games progresses. BATTLE IN THE B RING is a two player game in which you must avoid asteroids and space rockets while trying to force your opponent into mistakes that will destroy him. COSMIC DEFENDER is a superbly smooth scroller in which you destroy asteroids and blast open gates to progress through the levels. SHOOTING STARS is a nice easy game, just avoid all the stars shooting and bouncing around the screen. In BONK you collect diamonds and avoid the sparks in a maze type ring. THE CLASH OF KINGS is a two player arcade strategy game very nicely done. INCOMING finds you shooting supplies and men dropped from helicopters and jets, you must hit them before they land otherwise they will block your shots. MAZE WAR is a couple of wizards and zombies fighting it out in a number of mazes. And there are still more! SYNTRON where you avoid drolds, ELEVATOR REPAIRMAN, a snake game called COBRA and finally SUBS. And every one of them in machine code!