#152 - Strategy Fun


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Over a half dozen programs with a strategy element that will have you thinking hard while you play. CARDVARKS is one the the familiar higher/lower card games for 1 or two players with some excellent graphics. MISSING PERSONS is an unusual game in which you must find persons hidden on a grid by pointing lasers and deducing where the people are. MILESTONES is based on the board game in which you try and reach 1,000 miles by playing roll, mileage and hazard cards and is basically a text version of the same game on an earlier disk. The pick of the bunch is VITAL SIGNS, a unique program with serious educational undertones in which you must keep the heart and lungs of a person in good order under different activities and air conditions by adjusting respiration and heart rates. Quite unusual, we have not come across a program quite like this before. Others include SUPER WUMPUS, a text based hunt for the Wumpus in 20 rooms while fighting bats etc., FRAZEE, a version of the well known Yahtzee and TRANSITION, one of those ever so simple, yet highly frustrating games in which the object is to simply change the position of five tokens. Even with 511 possible solutions, finding just one is hard enough! All in all a good collection to make you think.