#153 - Sporting Chance


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All machine code games headed up by a couple with a sporting link. First is BOWLING, a very nice ten-pin bowling simulation in which the angle, speed and spin of the ball can be controlled. Fastest and most furious is AIR HOCKEY, like the game found in arcades in which two players control a puck floating on air. This version has all the feel of the arcade and can be played by two players or by one against the computer. DASH is a version of Boulderdash with all the features of the original packed into a remarkably small program. COSMIC GLOB takes you out to space in an attempt to blast away, piece by piece, a huge glob that is threatening mankind. Finally TETRIX is the Atari 8-bit version of the game of TETRIS from the ST in which falling shapes have to be located into perfect lines which are then removed from the play area. The object is to prevent the shapes building up to the top of the screen. It sounds simple but is probably the most addictive game to have been invented since Breakout appeared all those years ago. A fine, all machine code, collection.