#154 - Hackin' About


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A collection of utilities for those who like to mess about with such things as monitors and Ramdisks, perhaps to explore and alter commercial software or for those who write in machine language. The MONITOR program is claimed by the author to be better than that on the Assembler Editor cartridge. You can step through or trace a program, move memory, dump registers to screen or printer and more. RAM-EDIT is a copier/ sector editor for use with the 130XE or upgraded XL that allows single sided disks to be read into a ramdisk and then altered before being saved back to disk. The sector editor has comprehensive facilities. Two other RAMDISKS cover the XL and XE with the XL one using portions of memory that are not otherwise available giving an extra 13k of usable RAM. The XE ramdisk uses the extra memory with bank switching and also includes a demo program switching text files through the various banks. The code might be useful if you want to know how to program that elusive extra RAM. There are several other utilities including a Basic Disassembler, a Hexdump, a Tape Dump and others. Get hacking!