#232 - I Love My Alphabet


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Superb! If you have children that are learning the alphabet or will be shortly this is an absolute must. Join Max as he introduces you to the alphabet and tests your knowledge and understanding. Max is a cute, loveable ball on legs, a bit like an orange, with huge blue eyes, a couple of antennae and a great personality. The kids will love him (and you will too!). Max will come on stage to introduce you to the game which consists of four sections of increasing difficulty. In the first Max will bring on each of the letters of the alphabet in order and act out something to illustrate them. He might dance, jump, close his eyes, wiggle his antenna or lots of other things, each a joy to watch. In the next stage a copy of the keyboard is shown and you have to match the letters on screen as Max acts out a word. Next you have to find the letter yourself, no help this time. Max will come on, pick a letter at random to bring on stage and you have to match it on the keyboard. Finally comes the really hard one as Max comes on to act out a word but doesn't give you any clue as to the letter. You have to decide what Max is doing and choose the right letter. This program is so cleverly designed and perfectly balanced that children of alphabet learning age, and those much younger, will love it for a long, long time. This is, without doubt, the best educational program of its type ever on the Atari. Forget all the commercial programs of long ago, Max is just the most loveable character ever to appear on your Atari. The best educational program of all, bar none!

Boot with Basic.