#231 - The Street


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Millions follow Coronation Street and millions of computer widows watch it while their husbands are playing with their Atari but here is a chance to bring everyone together with a mint adventure and lots of trivia info concerning the show. Let's start with the trivia which comes in three sections. In the first you have the complete cast of the series since 1960 with all the characters and the actors who have played them. See how many you can remember. The next section shows you who lived where and when with potted histories of the houses, shops and pubs. Bet you cart remember all of the bar maids in the Rovers Return? There is also a summary of the residents who have been in trouble with the law over the years. The final section has street maps of Weatherfield so you can identify exactly where everyone lives and where they go to work and play. The mini adventure is called Stan's Dilemma, set in 1983, on a rare occasion when Stan pulls himself away from the Rovers Return. Your good wife, Hilda, has won a food voucher in a competition and intends to use it to pay off her debts at the corner shop. Trouble is Stan's a bit skint at the moment and the Rovers is just about to open. All he needs is the price of a pint but Hilda's gone and spent all the money on silly things like food and rent! Still there is the voucher and if he can get it without Hilda noticing maybe he can exchange it for some cash. But who is going to cash it for him? Your job is to help Stan cash the voucher, while avoiding Hilda who is on the warpath. Can you get down the Rovers before closing time to meet your mates? Several years watching the series will be of great help in this adventure!

Boot with Basic.