#230 - Utilities 9


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Quite a while since we had a collection of utilities but here is a diskful with something for everyone. First we have the WQNR SUPER FORMATTER that will format any type of disk drive, including Ram-disks, up to 90k with all options highlighted as you go along. An ideal tool when you need to format a new batch of blank disks. The WQNR PHOTO COPIER is a neat document printer that has an interface similar in style to a photocopier. You can print out in three type sizes on an Epson compatible with as many copies as you wish. The next utility is ZAGESZCZACZ (!), a binary file compressor from Poland for the more advanced programmer. The title is unpronounceable but the program is easy to use and will take any binary file and compress it so that many more such files can be kept on one disk. It works by removing all zero bytes from the file. SPEED START is a brilliant program that we often use in the Page 6 Library to create disks that will autoboot to a menu without using DOS. You can have both machine code and Basic programs together and can format disks in single, enhanced or double density. Your own disk title is simply added. An excellent utility. You will also find a program to print out documentation files in two columns on Epson compatible printers and a useful label printer for addresses and standard labelling. Most of the programs here are fully documented and quite simple to use.

Boot with Basic.