#234 - Factor-X


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In this top class platform-cum-adventure game from Germany you will find yourself in some sort of underground complex which you need to explore to find the mysterious Factor-X. The game opens with you on one level of the complex with a lift in view to take you deeper below ground. You can see a filing cabinet which you can examine by pulling down on the joystick but it yields nothing and so you take the lift down. On other levels you will find more objects to examine like computers which may give you access codes to gain entry to other lifts or levels. There are also, of course, various nasty things guarding the corridors and walkways which you must avoid by jumping over. Some cannot be passed except by walking through them but each time you do so you reduce your resistance and the next time you could die. The graphics are excellent in this game and there are many levels to explore with a good deal of challenge on each. Here is a game that will take quite some time to solve, especially as the ultimate objective is not at all clear. A game that will reward the persistent, or experienced, player. Like most of the quality games from Germany this is well written and will provide many hours of fun.

Boot with Basic.