#235 - Naval Battle


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The old computer favourite Battleships might seem a bit old hat by now but there is no denying that it is a game that has the unique addictive quality that makes it an ideal game for all the family and one that even the youngest computer buff can enjoy. What battleships needs to make it interesting is a good graphic interface and, perhaps, some sound effects. Naval Battle has this and more. It is an excellent version of the classic game with a bold, colourful, playfield and some super sound effects as the bombs come hurtling in and explode. The game is for one or two players, with a demo mode, if you just want to sit back and watch, and is controlled entirely by joystick. You have five ships, in increasing size, a PT Boat, a Submarine, a Destroyer, a Battleship and a Carrier which are placed on the grid with the joystick in any position you choose. The computer, or other player, places his ships and battle commences with squares being chosen again with the joystick. Hits are registered graphically with the representation of each ship being blocked out in red as you score a hit so that you always know how well you are doing. As we say, maybe a bit old hat, but if a game is well done then it overcomes problems of familiarity and you will be surprised at how much children enjoy games that they can get familiar with. Don't forget also that there are commercial versions of this game still being released!

Boot with Basic.