#236 - Baccarat


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Many of the familiar card games like Pontoon and Poker have been around on the Atari for a long time but this is the first version we have found of a rather more complex game that is played in casinos around the world. The game is said to be an accurate simulation of the game as played in the casinos of Las Vegas and full rules of play are included. The game is played with 8 decks of cards and the object is to acquire a hand with the value of nine. The cards are not counted in the usual way, however, and the scoring values will have to be learned from the instructions given. This version is designed to give the novice player a better understanding of the game and to give the experienced player a challenge to his skill. Baccarat follows a strict set of rules as to when a third card can be drawn and how bets are placed. You may bet on your own hand or the bankers, in which case you pay commission to the house if you win, or you can place a bet at good odds for a tied hand. As the game can be long and complex a save game facility is included. Nice to see a different card card available so if you fancy a break from Pontoon and would like to try a card game with a difference this might just be the one.

Boot without Basic.