#238 - Eggnapper


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It is constantly surprising how some excellent games for the Atari seem to lie dormant for many years and then suddenly appear in public view. This is a supreme example of a Defender type game that was written so long ago that it requires a translator on the XL/XE! Despite being an early game, Eggnapper is an excellent arcade game that could not be bettered by today's high programming standards. The rather complex plot has a series of mind control devices planted in eight underground caves in Iowa whose object is to spawn thousands of 'Deeley-bugs' that can be distributed across the Western world to cause total havoc. The government has located the caves and built a base in the first equipped with three fighter planes with which you must destroy the myriad creatures being created by the master-hopper and finally the master itself. If you succeed, then funds can be allocated to building the next base and, with luck - a great deal of luck - you will clear all eight caves. You will find all sorts of nasty things in the caves: Landers, which descend to the ground, munch away and then throw certain unmentionable stuff at you to bring you down; Bees which are launched slowly towards you and Sons of Bees which will come at you apace. On the roof and floor of the caves you will find adult and larval males and females that have their own nasty ways and eggs which will drift slowly to the floor where they will hatch, possibly into mutant bugs that will bomb your base. You objective is to destroy everything that looks nasty before it can attack your base, and of course destroy the masterhopper itself. All of the action takes place in Defender style with a radar at the top of the screen and smooth scrolling along the cave. Graphics and sound are excellent and Eggnapper is a great new discovery for the public domain which every arcade game lover should enjoy. Full instructions for play are included on the disk.

Boot with Basic.