#239 - Hack It!


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I bet everyone has secretly wondered what it must be like to hack into those big government mainframes but who wants to risk the jail sentence! Now you can enjoy a simulation of hacking into the big US mainframes. See if you can penetrate the Department of Defense, the IRS, IBM Corp, General Motors, Ameribank or Stanford University. You will begin by telephone scanning hundreds of different numbers searching for a carrier tone and then, when connected, you will have to try and work out the password for access. You have a certain amount of time before a trace is activated but you then have to get off line quickly otherwise the Feds will be round next day! If you do get a trace, just hang up quickly and try again or try and crack another system. You won't find out any top secrets in this simulation but the fun is in just getting through. If you get the log-on welcome screen from one of the systems it is a real buzz and you can see why some people get hooked on the real thing! This disk is really a set of simulations and you will find some more familiar ones as well. Chess aficionados will enjoy OPENINGS, a set of 10 book openings for the game that will enable you to learn and practice some of the standard opening games. Hints on moves are available. FLIP is the familiar game of turning squares to the opposite colour while ALIEN is a simple Mastermind codebreaker. You will also find a version of YAHTZEE and BSAMOTOR, a text simulation in which your task is to try and run the BSA motorcycle factory amidst industrial turmoil and several disasters. But it's the hacking you really want to try isn't it?

Boot with Basic.