#258 - Sherlock Holmes


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Ever fancied yourself as the most famous detective of all? Now, in this text adventure you can see if you have the ability to solve The Case of the Elementary Rescue. The scene is London in 1899. The evening fog has settled in outside 221B Baker Street and clattering hansom cabs scurry through the cobblestoned streets. Holmes sits alone, nodding lightly on the couch in the upstairs study, reading through the notes about the one villain who has so far escaped detection. The one fiend whose intelligence matches that of Holmes himself, none other than the evil Professor Moriarty. Holmes nods off but is interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Mrs Hudson, the housekeeper, with a note that has just been delivered. Could this be the beginning of the final case? Holmes has obviously failed in this one remaining problem but can you step in and solve the problem? Only you will know as you exercise your elementary powers of verb and noun combination to work your way through an adventure that could be far from elementary.

Boot with Basic.