#260 - Star Samples Demo


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Enjoy the power of your Classic once more with some more fine sampled sound and graphics demos. The first is a digitised sample of a song called YOUR BODY, MY BODY which is accompanied by a sort of dual vertical oscilloscope display which beats in time with the music. HI ALF Is based on an ST demo and features the strange creature called Alf who had his own TV series a while ago. Watch as Alf dances to the beat with his guitar to a great music track that does not seem to have been featured on the Classic before. Some great percussion effects. CRAZY DINO is a more standard demo with lots of scrolling, great music and you guessed it, a crazy dinosaur at the bottom of the screen. The kids will love it! The last demo is STARS, fairly simple graphically but with an excellent sound track based on a repetitive synth style riff and an eerie melody. The sort of thing you might expect from Tangerine Dream or more progressive German synth bands. Yet again your Atari Classic is stretched to its limits by these four demos.

Requires enhanced density drive. Boot without Basic.