#266 - Atari User Classics


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If you missed the old Atari User, you missed some great arcade style games but, no worry, here is a selection of the best. In SANTA'S GROTTO you must guide Santa around several linked mazes to collect his presents. The total maze extends over several screens making it a challenge to work out the links. FENCE BUILDER has a fancy storyline about a nuclear reactor making your tools come alive(!) but is a neat game in which you have to erect four fences using posts and panels while avoiding the moving tools. FRANK THE FRUIT FIEND is your basic platform game in which Frank must gobble up all of the fruit on every level and of course, avoid the nasties. GREEDY GUNTHER is a somewhat uncontrollable fellow who needs to eat up a lot of dots and avoid death traps and brick walls. What makes this one challenging is that Gunther wont keep still and you can't relax for one minute. SKATE CRAZY is, well, crazy! On a pair of roller skates you have to avoid worms coming up out of the ground and jump over what look like hamburgers being thrown at you! DOCTOR BORIS is an interesting version of the classic in which you run around trying to catch things while leaving walls behind you. This one is made more difficult by the fact that you are trying to catch time bonuses which rapidly count down and often disappear just as you get to them. To round off FRUIT GAMBLER is one of the best slot machine simulations around. Your chance to play the slots without paying the price. A great collection for gamers of all ages.

Requires enhanced density drive. Boot with Basic.