#267 - Disk Doctor


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More advanced users may find this collection invaluable for when something goes wrong or if they need to back up their disks or create their own protected software. Some of the best disk utilities around include VTOCFIX which examines the Volume Table of Contents and allows you to fix problems, especially when you get a disk that shows fewer free sectors than you should have. Seems to work only in single density though. TRACER is a most comprehensive disk/sector analyser with the best graphic interface even seen on this type of utility. Edit and copy sectors, search for info and much, much more in a great utility. If you need to create 'fuzzy' or bad sectors then FUZZY will do it for you with ease. Another sector editor is SECTOR which lets you edit, copy and duplicate sectors and much more with some extra special facilities especially for advanced programmers. Also allows you to create 'slow' sectors and has a built in drive speed checker. BURP is a boot utility pack that will allow you to create your own custom disks by copying files, tapes to disk, boot files and more. It will also copy Multi-boot and Rob C Menu programs and has comprehensive DOS utility features. To round off, OLD OPERATING SYSTEM is a version of the old 400/800 OS which seems to be specifically for running ROMs and tapes that have problems on the XL.

Boot with Basic. Use DOS option L or Basic to run programs.