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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ata Atun is a Turkish Cypriot and was born in 1948 at Istanbul, Turkey. He graduated from T.E.D.Ankara College and Şişli College and then attended Al Hikma American University (a branch of Boston University) in Baghdad, Iraq - now the University of Baghdad - for his Civil Engineering studies. Granted with several scholarships, Mr Atun received his BSc degree in 1971. He later undertook graduate study and research in the Computer Analysis Programme of Monolithic Split Foundations at Century University, Los Angeles, USA (now in Albuquerque, New Mexico) receiving an M.Sc. degree in 1987. This was followed by postgraduate study and research into 'Survey and Analysis of the gravels of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' in the same University, for which he received a Ph.D. Degree in 1989. He completed a post Doctorate Programme held in Washington DC, USA in December 1994, received an Associated Professor degree in 1998 at Near East University and was expecting to be a full Professor on or around December 2004.

Page 6 magazine published his articles and programs on the subjects of Quick Disassembling of Assembly Language and Menu Arrangements in May 1986 and November 1986 respectively. He also wrote an article on Disk Directories which appeared in Nugget Magazine, in April 1986.

His research titled “An estimation of the fish stock of the bay of Famagusta based on recorded catch of trawl fishing-part I” was submitted to Tehnonav International Symposium, Bucharest, Romania in May 2000 and the second part was submitted to 3rd World Congress, Beijing, China in November 2000. Recently, his findings were published by the Wessex Institute of Technology in STREMAH 2003.

Mr Atun is the author of many academic books: Technical Drawing, Ed.1 (1993) , Ed.2 (2001) Text Book, TD102 Course; Plane Surveying with Linear Measurement Text Book, CE202 Course; ACI Standarts vs TS500 Standarts, Reference hand book and Structural Design Text Book, TD486 Course, Basic Ship Stability Text Book, MDNRC 212, Ship Construction for Merchant Marine Officers, Text Book, MDNRC 201, Mathematics-1 , Basics of Calculus Text Book, MATH 101 , Mathematics-2 , Plane Trigonometry and Elementary Calculus Text Book, MATH 102 , Statics & Dynamics (Lecture Notes), Mathematics-4 , Complex Numbers & Differentiation (Lecture Notes), all written in English, now currently in use in Near East University of North Cyprus.

He is the founder of SAMTAY FOUNDATION, a research and literature foundation whose objective is to “transform the past and present of the Town of Famagusta on to documents to be carried to the future.” The foundation released 10 books about the various parts of the cultural history of the Turkish community in Cyprus. He is the author of MAGUSA YAZILARI, a history of the town of Famagusta between 66 B.C. - 772 A.D. He is also researching the Dominican church which once existed in the town of Famagusta prior to 1571, though no trace is available now. His research on the names of towns, rivers, places, mountains and lakes of Cyprus, amounting to nearly 865, which rapidly changed due to at least 13 different reigns since 450 B.C. is complete and his book titled “Names of Locations of Cyprus lost in the depths of 2500 years of history”, including a bilingual map of Cyprus, was released in January 2005. He completed his research and works on a book of 1500 pages in 3 volumes about the “Medieval History of Cyprus based on written manuscripts” by compiling and translating the manuscripts and letters of European travellers visiting Cyprus between 400 B.C. – 1900 A.D., and the first volume was released in March 2005.

Mr Atun went in for politics in 1976 and was elected as a Member of Parliament, representing the constituency of Famagusta in the National Assembly. He was appointed as an advisor to Mr. Serdar Denktash, the president of the Democratic Party of North Cyprus in January 2002, and had an active role in the opening of the borders (check points) between North Cyprus (Turkish sector) and South Cyprus (Greek sector) on 23rd April 2003.

He was appointed as the Chief Negotiator and the Team Leader to the Turkish Cyprus Delegation for the sub committee discussions between Cyprus Turkish Cypriots and Cyprus Greek Cypriots, organized under the auspices of the United Nations, in February, March and April 2004.

He- has been the head of the board of directors of the local newspaper “Cumhuriyet Kuzey Kıbrıs” since September 2003 and an independent (newspaper) writer mainly in the topics of European Union, Democracy and the Political situation in Cyprus. He was appointed as the Chairman to the National development Bank in January 2005.

Mr Atun is married to Suna Atun and father of son Sunat and daughter Asu.

Ata Atun, March 2005