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Page 6 was created by Les Ellingham. Les produced the magazine and, along with his wife Sandy, ran Page 6 Publishing. There were no staff writers and Les relied entirely on readers' ongoing support to submit articles and programs for publication - Page 6 was indeed a 'magazine for the dedicated Atari User'. 

Over a period spanning almost 16 years, a large number of enthusiastic people were able to experience the enjoyment of seeing their work in print and in knowing their contributions were helping to inform and entertain others in the Atari world. Some went on to become regular Page 6 contributors, who could always be relied upon to submit good quality articles helping to form the backbone of each issue ... though admittedly not always in time for the copy deadline! 

In one case, Page 6 turned out to be the catalyst for a future high profile career in the computer gaming media industry (we hope to describe more details of this success story in the near future).


WHERE ARE THEY NOW? is extremely keen to make contact with ex-contributors. If YOUR name has appeared in Page 6 or New Atari User, please do get in touch [contact] and tell us what you are doing. If you are able to provide a short (or even long!) article about yourself, then that would be fantastic and we'll add it to the list below.



Rob Anthony Ata Atun John Davison
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John Foskett Alan Goldsbro

Joel Goodwin 

Richard Gore Damon Howarth Mark Hutchinson
Michael Jackson

Matthew Jones

Harvey Kong Tin
Paul Lay

Steve Nicklin

Ann O'Driscoll
Allan J Palmer Trevor Prendergast Yuval Rabinovich
David Rawlings Ken Shiu John Sweeney



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