Damon Howarth












I had been a wild hacker for many a year, with Spectrums and Amstrads and Einstein as well. When I came to the ST my desires were fulfilled with STOS and Elite; my gaming did swell. I became quite besotted with ST type things, my 512 it grew and 1040 it held thence it begat a drive most Scuzzi to amaze my friends and those others who beheld.

After I realised I would never be a folk singer (or a poet) I realised that more fun was to be had from ST land than just playing and trying to write little bits of software - so I auditioned with Les and was offered the chance to review ST software.

This made my years - lots to try and play - even keeping the really good stuff and an opportunity to practice my minimal literary bent. There was even a Christmas special that starred my 2 cats - the younger (who is now almost 20) is still alive and purring.

Halcyon days they were - half pages, double page spreads, everything and anything was possible... and then the Atari machine sank into a consumer ocean - the PC became a machine for all - there were no games left to review and no need for an offbeat, quirky type to write. Thus like the Lone Ranger, I rode into the sunset.

I maintained my day job and I still work for local government - I have even created, edited and managed web sites for various bodies, and since my rancour with the PC was deep I am now an Apple user - probably the nearest thing to ST in the mainstream now.

I noticed that emulators exist for the ST and will probably look for one that lets my MAC regress into a fond past - still my motorcycling is now real on a bike of 10 years of age that serves wonderfully well.

Not even 60 so no hope of boring retirement. Of course, should a call ever come from Page 6's bugle I will respond like any loyal warhorse.

Indeed the opportunity to reboot would be fun - but we should keep looking forward not back!


Damon Howarth, July 2011