ST News Volume 2 Issue 6


Hot on the heels of the last one comes maybe the best issue ever (the earlier ones are excellent anyway!) that has a world exclusive of pop-UP menus as well as drop-down ones! These contain some neat little demos but the quality of the magazine is not diminished. Packed into this one are solutions to Guild of Thieves, Ballyhoo, Enchanter and Seastalker together with The Story behind Larry, a preview of another Sierra adventure. The usual computer novel is here and the 68000 and Forth courses continue. There are tips and tricks on both GFA Basic and C and a review of Roadwar 2000 among many other reviews which include Sentinel, GIST, Tai Pan, Tracker, PC-Ditto and many more. The SAM Realtizer is reviewed and there are pages of news and gossip in the usual ST NEWS style. Many hours of reading with the feature added last issue of being able to transfer any file to 1st Word and print it out. The music is good again too!

ST NEWS price is 3.95.