ST News Volume 2 Issue 7


ST NEWS really has developed into a superb disk magazine packed with information. It is hard to believe that so much can be fitted onto one disk! This latest edition has solutions to Kings Quest Ill and Spiderman, Interviews with David Whittaker and Shiraz Shivji, articles on the Mega ST, Butter Chip, PCW Show, The Track 41 Protector and Ramcopy, a handy utility. Courses continue with Forth Part V and the Tips and Tricks section includes GFA Basic, Working with the Apple, Graphics Algorithms, Undocumented System Variables, Advanced Raster Programming and Vertical Rasters. Reviews include AS Sound Sampler, Knight Orc, Airball Construction Kit, K-Roget, Terrorpods, 3-D Galax and F-15 Strike Eagle. Round this lot off with all the regular news, gossip, previews and more and you have another great issue worth every penny of the 3.95 price.