ST News Volume 3 Issue 5


An issue dedicated to J.R,R. Tolkien with a couple of articles in dedication and an Intro To Middle Earth. Other diverse stories and features include Why Beer > Women (?), an Open Letter, the solution to Corruption, a two part story on a Computer Orgy(!!), the next instalment on Viruses on the ST, Crimson's column on Police Quest. There are the usual tutorials including GFA Basic Text Scrolling, a GFA Version 3.00 patch and The Backup Bug. Other educational items include an Occam Introduction and the first part in a new series of programming secrets called The Wizards who are in fact the Exceptions who produce most of the stunning demos you have seen such as the B.I.G. Scroller. Find out how it is done! Reviews include Bionic Commando, Elite, Empire Strikes Back, Starglider II, Virus, /lime & Magik, Mega Paint and Timeworks.