ST News Volume 3 Issue 6


This one is dedicated to Douglas Adams with the usual tributes and articles on that author. There is the solution to Legend Of The Sword and such diverse articles as Piece of Mind, Pretty Absurd, The U.S. of America and My Amplifier, all varied and interesting. The educational section continues the course on Forth and Crimson's Column looks at Obliterator. GFA Basic users can tackle Evaluating Expressions and The Wizard series for advanced programming takes a look at Raster Interrupts. Amongst the reviews are Fish, Garfield, Menace, Nebulus, Super Hangon, 1st Word Plus 3.0, Le Redacteur, Mailshot Plus, Geerdes Midi, Sharemaster and Safeback. As with every issue, the regulars such as Did You Know ..., Stop Press and New Software are packed with information.