ST News Volume 3 Issue 7


The last issue of 1988 arrived just in time for this update and is of the usual high standard with the added bonus of a great new colour scrolling message. Many of the features and stories are personal reminiscences of Christmas Time and other matters and include A Christmas Faerytale, The Greek Goddess, The Ultimate Answer, The Theory of Dark Suckers and A View On Piracy. There is the solution to Chrono Quest and more on ST Viruses. The tutorials continue with Forth Part XII, Date and Time Fiddling in GFA Basic and more from The Wizards, this time on Music Programming. Now you can find out how all that great music is programmed! The reviews in this issue include Baal, Eliminator, Flying Shark, Star Ray, To Be On Top, Aladin 2.1, Disk magazines, Protext, STAC and Turbo ST. Another packed issue with all the regulars in addition.