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The UK Atari Computer Owners Club was run by a small group of Atari enthusiasts who worked at Maplin Electronics in Southend, England.  The core group were:



Editor Graham Daubney (issue 1)
  Chris Barlow (issues 1 - 6)
  Roy Smith (issues 7 - 21)
Technical Editor Keith Mayhew (issues 2 - 21)
  Ron Levy (issues 3 - 21)
Art Editor Peter Blackmore (issues 3 - 13)
  Greg Buckley (issues 14 - 20)
  Richard Bird (issue 21)
ST Librarian Mike Stringer
Adventure Editor Steve Hillen



Many of the published articles were written by this core group, but the club magazine also relied on contributions submitted by its readers. is extremely keen to make contact with ex-contributors. If you were involved in running the club, or your name has appeared in the club magazine, please do get in touch [contact] and tell us what you are doing. If you are able to provide a short (or even long!) article about yourself, then that would be fantastic and we'll publish it here.