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The UK Atari Computer Owners Club ran a unique library of 8-bit public domain software. Under the terms of the scheme, members were entitled to receive three programs from the library in exchange for every one they donated. Alternatively, a small payment could be made for each program required. Unusually, the club was willing to receive and distribute software on cassette as well as disk.


The library constantly expanded with new items,  with updates printed in every issue of the magazine. The complete list is presented here, divided into the seven categories used by UKACOC. You can click on a category above to view the corresponding program list.


With each update, the Editorial Team declared one of the programs submitted a "Star Program" and the author received a 10 reward. Star Programs are indicated with a star symbol.


Where available, programs can be downloaded, free of charge, by clicking on the title. The file type (after unzipping) is "*.BAS" which you can load directly into an Atari emulator using the LOAD "D:" command. For more information on Atari emulation and PC connectivity, please refer to the Links page.


Unfortunately, we don't currently have copies of many of the programs. If YOU can help, please get in contact!