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Atari User disks converted for download


These exciting compilations bring together some of the very best listings from the pages of Atari User. Whether you like games or prefer more serious pursuits there's something here for you - and you can also learn a great deal from examining and modifying the Basic listings.



10 Of the Best Games 1


Featuring: Chopper Rescue - Take command of a helicopter to rescue lost soldiers; Des Bells - Rescue Esmerelda by negotiating the dangerous obstacles; Spacemaze - Fly your spacecraft through the deadly caverns below the lunar surface; Mazemunch — Guide your munch monster around the maze, avoiding its deadly inhabitants; Moneybags - Gobble up all the money but beware of the sinister spiders; Frank the Fruit Fiend - Help Frank eat his favourite food in this platform game; Duck Dash — Dash round and chase up all the ducks before the storm hits the farm; Frogjump — Direct the frog across the busy road in this classic arcade game; Doctor Boris - Help the doctor build the new hospital, but watch out for mad Norman PLUS the latest Get It Right! program to help you correctly type in listings in Atari User. Bounder was the game you liked best of all. Now, in BOUNDER PLUS, we’ve made it even better - with SIX exciting new screens to test your dexterity. Bounce up and down on the springy trampoline to hit the many targets (XL and XE only).





10 Of the Best Games 2


Featuring: Colour Puzzle - A mind-boggling brain teaser devised to confuse and bewilder. Match the coloured squares in this version of the trad­itional sliding block puzzle; Dam Trouble - Classic arcade fun puts you in command of a highly sophisticated military helicopter. Your mission: To protect the town of Floodsville from ruin; Reversi - Can you beat the computer in this advanced version of the classic Othello board game?; Light Gun Blaster - The first ever listing for the XE games System. Blast the coloured squares to beat the clock using the light gun; Mine Runner - Guide your underground explor­ation vehicle through increasingly difficult levels of meandering tunnels and dangerous obstacles; Breakin - Fast and furious arcade action in our version of the classic bat and ball game Breakout. Try your skill against the different bumper patterns and fatal ghosts; Submarine Hunter - Experience the thrill and nerve-tingling excitement of naval warfare as you hunt the oceans for enemy submarines; Tyrants of Torment - Can you save the world? Armed with your super hi-tech bouncing buggy you are the last hope against the evil dictators; Clay Pigeon Shooting - Test your accuracy in our fast-action shooting game. How many birds can you bag today?; Brag - Saloon gambling in the Wild West as you take on three of the meanest card players this side of Dodge City. There may be more at stake than just cards.





10 Of The Best Utilities


Featuring: DiscError — Make sense of those Basic error numbers by turning them into words; DiscEdit — Modify those hidden sectors with this superb utility; DiscView — Take a look at all the useful information stored on your discs; Dump 15 — Make prints of your favourite pictures on your Epson or Atari 1029 printer; ArtShow - Load your AtariArtist pictures and create your own fantastic artshow; AutoDirectory — Gain instant access to disc directories without going to Dos; DiscRenumber — Renumber your Basic listings with this useful Autoboot program; Fullprint — Print out any resident character set in full to an Epson printer; DataEditor — Manipulate data with ease whether on disc, cassette or in memory; 80 Column — Generate a very impressive 80 column text display on your screen; PLUS the latest Get It Right! program to help you correctly type in listings in Atari User.





The Atari User Toolkit


Programming becomes so much easier when you've got the right tools for the job. With this Atari User package you can add TEN new commands to Atari Basic to dramatically improve your performance. PLUS your Atari will generate meaningful error messages instead of cryptic numbers. Toolkit automatically boots in from cassette or disc and makes use of a normally unused area of memory. This package of stunning utilities - specially commissioned by Atari User - is an absolute must. It comes complete with comprehensive on-screen instructions telling you how to get the most from each of the programs.