DS#13 - fig-FORTH 1.4S



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Requires Translator on XL/XE. Here at last is the Atari 8-bit version of this popular language which comes complete with an on-disk tutorial, unlike many other versions that have been previously available. FORTH is recognised by many as a very fast language suitable for graphics and most other programming and could well be an ideal step up from BASIC or just an interesting experiment with another language - it's up to you! The tutorial will take you through this version of fig-FORTH but if you have no knowledge of the language you may need one of the many standard books available on FORTH. Try a new language today! NOTE: This disk requires a Translator on XL or XE machines. A suitable translator is available on Disk #36 -THE XL/XE kit.

Use Translator on XL/XE models. See side B for instructions.